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Technoratti July 14, 2009

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Video and your talking points June 18, 2009

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Monday I stopped in at my local electronics retailer after visiting a prospective client.  I soon found myself standing in the LCD display aisle and a well-versed sales associate showering me with details of their featured hi-res screens.  Kudos to the young man and to the company for their technical training, but he should have had a “pause” button.

Luckily, a few moments later the congestion in my aisle cleared and I  continued my progress to find the ink cartridges I came in to buy.

This points out one key objective for many web site videos: know why your web visitors arrived, quickly help them get their answers and save your talking points for another time.

When visitors arrive at a business home page from an online search, they know you are one of many potential providers for what they want.  Often, they are simply trying to decide from whom to buy!

All too often, business owners and managers feel a video should contain their key talking points.  Like the friendly sales associate, they take up their viewers’ valuable time (and attention span) without regard for why the visitor is there.

This behavior violates the number one rule for effective online business videos – it’s all about the customer, not about you.

Potential customers don’t care what you know, they care about how you can service their needs – knowledge, service, trust, etc.

If you recognize how to help them, they’ll return the favor and call.  Then you can pull out the talking points.

Talking points do have value, of course.  So, how and when should a web video incorporate these into an effective presentation?   Let me know your thoughts.

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How to avoid amateur-looking video May 31, 2009

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You are what you wear – that is, people set expectations about you because of how you are dressed.  In the Internet marketing world, your web site is your suit of clothes.  It sets the tone for visitors – they either connect or they go away.

You are what you show applies to your web video.  Like it or not, it will define you.  Your personality, professionalism, style and character are evident in your video.

I know that realism is attractive for web videos, but a poor quality video may not be watched and the message will not get through.  And, professionals can do reality!

Creating a good business video takes equipment, training, and experience.  Your neighbor may have a spiffy new camcorder, but without the right accessories and training you may still end up with a home movie.

Hiring a professional can get you there much sooner and will “dress” your video correctly.

So, here is my list of a few common mistakes that make business videos look amateurish and say all the wrong things about your business (in no specific order):

  1. Poor quality audio – volume variations, echoes, background noises, thin-sounding voices, and weak volume
  2. Lighting problems – misplaced and sharp shadows, dark images, blown out highlights, weak color, no contrast
  3. Long intros – delay getting to the point
  4. Incorrect colors – blue casts around windows or fluorescent lights, red skin tones, orange or blue cast on white clothes or walls, washed out or weak color contrast.
  5. Poorly framed shots – viewers lose interest when subject does not fill enough of the image, background images are too obvious, weak composition
  6. Excessive editing effects – Text effects that take too long to develop, are over-the-top, cute or inappropriate use of transitions and colors
  7. Poor on-camera presence – stiff, stilted delivery, poor posture, lacking body language, incorrect or no voice inflections

The first three on this list are often the trademarks of home movies.  The others send subtle messages to the viewer like boring, unimaginative, dull, and simply uninteresting.

Too many of these make potential clients click the “STOP” button and go elsewhere.

Is Any Video Still Good Video? May 27, 2009

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It is often said that any publicity is good publicity.  But, can the same be said for business video?

Video certainly engages web site visitors.  Video makes your web page sticky.  And, video differentiates you from most competitors (today).

I have watched a lot of business video and noted that the video quality can range anywhere from home-movie quality to commercial movie-trailer stuff.

So, can a business video still be effective (inform, educate, or motivate people to act) if the video is not a candidate for awards?

This can be important because anything added to the video (effects, audio enhancements, transitions, 3D graphics, colorizing, etc) beyond that which is necessary to accomplish the goal is really just waste.  And, the customer pays for all of it.

Producing video certainly seems to follow the 80/20 rule: the last 20% of the video quality improvement can drive 80% of the cost.

So, let me know your thoughts on what elements of a video needs to be given the most attention to be effective. Then, I’ll tell you mine!

Businesses don’t want to buy videos – or gas. May 23, 2009

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The next time you’re entranced by the mood-setting lighting of the gas pump, inhale slowly and savor that sweet smell of aromatic hydrocarbons!  Gee, that thought creates emotions that almost bring tears to your eyes.

Well, if it does, perhaps you shouldn’t read this!

The real reason you buy gasoline is because you want to drive the kids to the game, or go to work, or go to the movies.

Likewise, businesses don’t buy videos so they can ogle the their web pages or to have something clever to send grandma or the kids.

Businesses ultimately want to generate additional qualified leads.

And, their potential clients simply want to find someone that gives the best value for their money.

For businesses to truly achieve different results, that is to get more leads than they have today, they need to become educated on how video marketing achieves this goal.

It’s easy for businesses to prematurely dismiss web video and overlook its’ value as a marketing tool.   Perhaps that’s because much of Internet video is aimed at entertaining or at providing commercial interruptions.

Businesses need to see how a carefully produced video enhances the effectiveness of their current marketing program.

  • Advertising: video can increase search engine rankings making it easier to be found
  • Relationships: video makes a powerful personal connection that sets the foundation for credibility and trust
  • Networking: get valuable referrals when videos are forwarded to friends and associates.
  • Educating: people watch videos to learn about an industry, services or products
  • Training: sales and service personnel watch video to learn valuable techniques that increase revenues

A successful business video production requires that the producer (in-house or third party) blend the following elements to achieve the goals of the business:

  • Know the target audience
  • Match the audience needs with unique business value
  • Develop the script that correctly blends entertainment value and inspiration
  • Video production quality should reflect the business’ image
  • Package to compliment the business branding
  • Distribute the video to targeted audience

Don’t be surprised if this sounds a lot like elements of a marketing program, because it is!

That’s why it’s called Video Marketing.

That’s why businesses don’t just buy a video.

Let me know your thoughts or comments about what businesses are looking for in video marketing.